Travel Games and Activities for Kids

With the right set of  travel games and activities for kids, traveling with kids  can be much more fun for both parents and children. This is why here you will find ideas of activities and games to keep the kids entertained during travel.

A good toy or activity for one child is not necessarily good for another. When you are traveling with kids you should make sure you have some travel games and activities that your kids will enjoy. If a toy, game or activity is not within your child’d level of development he’l either get bored very fast or not be interested at all in it, or become frustrated. With the right set of  activities your kid will not only have fun while traveling but will also learn new things and develop new skills.

Travel games and activities for kids by age
Travel games and activities for kids-Travel with Baby

Travel with babies: Birth to 1 Year.

The major worry for this age when choosing toys or activities is chocking and suffocation, so whatever baby activities of games you take with you be aware of this. Toys that are made of one piece are the best  and they should be light weight as then they are easier for babies to hold. Make sure also that the toys you take with you when traveling with a baby are not breakable and washable.  For example mirrors delight the little ones as they love to look at their face, but make sure that they are not breakable. You can find here more about baby travel games and activities that are great for entertaining babies on the road.

Travel games and activities for kids-Travel with toddler

Travel with Toddlers: 1-3 Years

12-18 Months: At this stage kids will enjoy moving objects that make sounds, toys that open and close,  turning knobs, dial and peek-a-boo games.

18-24 Months: At this age children start saying their first words and are interested in learning about size and placing objects. Also shape recognition toys are great for this age.

24-36 Months: At this point children start to be more creative and will be interested in pretend play and their attention span is longer.

Travel games and activities for kids-Travel with preschooler

 Travel with Preschoolers : 3-6 Years





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